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Taking pride in all our fire door installations.

Fire Door Installations Ltd is proud to be a BM Trada certified installer, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety for your fire door installations in London and Suffolk. BM Trada is a leading provider of third-party certification for fire doors, and their Q-Mark Fire Door Installation scheme guarantees that installers are trained and competent to install fire doors according to the manufacturer's instructions and relevant standards.

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Why Choose a BM Trada Certified Installer?

By choosing a BM Trada certified installer, you can have peace of mind that your fire doors will perform as intended in case of a fire, and that you will comply with the legal requirements for fire safety. Our team has undergone extensive training, assessment, and auditing to achieve certification under the BM Trada Q Mark scheme for the installation of fire doors.

What are the current UK fire door regulations?

In the UK, fire door regulations are in place to ensure the safety and protection of lives and property. These regulations are continually reviewed and updated to reflect the latest safety standards and best practices.

Some key aspects of UK fire door regulations include:

  • Doors must have a self-closing mechanism
  • Hinges, letterboxes, and handles must be fire safe
  • Glazed windows must be fire safe
  • Doors must be correctly positioned

Fire doors are an essential feature in residential, public buildings, offices, and factories. They are designed to save lives and halt the spread of fire, aiding both evacuating individuals and firefighting efforts. Proper installation and maintenance of fire doors are crucial to their effectiveness and compliance with regulations.

At Fire Door Installations Ltd, we are committed to staying up-to-date with UK fire door regulations and ensuring that our installations meet or exceed these requirements. By choosing our BM Trada certified team for your fire door installation in London or Suffolk, you can trust that your property will be compliant and protected.

For more information about our BM Trada certification or to request a quote for fire door installation in London and Suffolk, please contact us today. Our friendly and professional team is ready to assist you with your fire door needs and ensure your project meets all requirements.

What are fire doors, and what type does my property need?

Fire doors are created specifically to stifle and confine fires. The majority of fire doors are sealed with intumescent sealants, a form of putty that expands when heated. If properly installed, the seal creates a full barrier to the oxygen that fuels the fire in addition to obstructing the flow of hazardous smoke and gases. The efficiency of a fire door is influenced by the intumescent's quality, the door's design, and the installation standards.